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viernes, noviembre 26, 2004

The christmas is coming soon...

Dear student in Barcelona!

It is not easy to give you a brief summary of what you should do and see and experience and take part in and so on in this fantastic city because it has so much to offer. I have now been studying here for almost 4 months and I have had such a great time! I arrived in hot Barcelona in the beginning of august. I had never been to Barcelona before so it was a new experience for me!The first 5 weeks just past by very quickly, first of all because I took part in a spanish course at Enforex and second of all because everything was new and very exciting. I didn`t wanted to miss anything the first weeks so I just took part in everything. However the climate was very varm in the beginning so I simply had to visit the beach a lot just to cool down. I tended to go to the same beach during the first months here in Barcelona. Doesn`t exactely remember the name but it is close to metro stopp Ciutadella Villa Olympica. Just follow the others with the waterbottle in one hand and the towel in the other!If you get tired of the beachlife in Barcelona a good tip is to jump on the train to Sitges. A small city an hour south from Barcelona with a cosy atmosphere and some nice beaches.

Except heading for the beach and studying spanish I could not resist the autumn sale that was going on in the city!I am not surprised if Barcelona is one of the best cities in Europe when it comes to shopping…it is just to many temptations for a girl from little Norway!However it is not that expensive and you can do some bargains specially on sale!However it is not only during the days the city is a lively place to be..the nightlife is thrilling with a throbbing life!It is a spot, a café, a bar, a discoteque, a nightclub just everywhere and for everyone and it is like a roundabout that won`t just have to jump on to it and have fun!I have not visited that many after-midnight-places but I can recommend Carpe Diem close to Hotel Art. It is a bar/discotheque where you can dance all nigt long and take a siesta in one of the beds/sofas that are strategic placed around the dancefloor..if you are permitted to do so..

I have also visited a lot of sites and spots in Barcelona. One of the things I liked to do was to get up early in the morning and just walk around until I needed to go a place and get some breakfast. You get another view of the city early in the morning when people are still asleep and there is almost no traffic and noise...You should absolutely visit some of Gaudis sites. I have been to Park Güell, Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. His architecture is amazing and a bit crazy but fascinating. Sagrada Familia is of course a must when visiting Barcelona-the characteristic cathedral is one of the sites that have impressed me most in the city. It is also a lot of museums to visit all around the city. I have only been to the museum of Picasso so far and I can`t really tell you if I like his works or not. I find them both fascinating and a bit frightening... Take a walk along La Rambla. Look at the streetartists, visit the market called La Boqueria and try to absorbe the different smells and all the nice colours. Take your time to have a coffe or a lunchbreak in the Raval district. Walk all the way to the end of La Rambla and continue down to the harbour. I really like this place. The air seems to be fresher and it is calm and peaceful. Afterwards head for the Barrio Gótic. Stroll around in the narrow streets and dream of the older days. Take a lot of pictures. Stop at Plaça de la Seu where the fantastic cathedral is situated, go inside it or just enjoy it from the outside... Take part in all of the fiestas that never stops in Barcelona. I went to the Gracia festival in august and I will never forget it!It is areally good opportunity to meet the locals and to take part in something that is definitely new and extraordinery.

I love good food and a glass of red or white wine (or both)!!!You will not have a problem to find something you like when it comes to the gastronomic world of Barcelona. You are probably on a student budgent as me but that is not a problem. It is a lot of cheap places to get something to eat. If I should give you a one-day-eating-route it would be to have a breakfast at Starbuck (I know it is a international chain but the muffins and the selection of coffes are soo good….), then go to Txapela close to Passeig the Gracia and try the nice tapas for lunch. For dinner I recommend Nuria close to Placa Catalonia. The lasagna with the pa amb tomaquet and the aïoli is delicious..if you are still hungry that day finish off at restaurant Agua down at the harbour..nammi….

I have been lucky to lived in an appartement in a quiet and (after a four monts experience) a safe place close to Placa Espanya. I have shared a huge appartement with 4 friends from Norway. The appartement is close to Montjüic which I have found as an advantage. The area is a nice place to take a walk, to jog and to just get away from the city for a while. If you are tired of it all you can just sit on the top at Castell and observe the hectic and dynamic life that is going on down there. Another place to get an overview of the city is from Tibidabo. I really like viewpoints like that and I can stay there for a long time just to look at the city as a whole from a distance and try to imagine the life that is going on.

What I will suggest you not to do…try not to meet a person you like very much before you leave home, you will definitely miss him or her a lot and you have to expect to use a lot of euros on phonecalls, trust me I know…be aware when you are looking for a place to live in Barcelona!Not all places are pleasant, at least not in the nights….hold on to your hand-bag girl it is gone before you know it....don`t postpone all the things you want to see and do-the time go so fast in Barcelona and suddenly you have to say goodbye to it all….and in the end: not be afraid to try new things. Be involved, dance in the streets if you feel like it!

My best advise to you is just to walk around and observe. Look at the people, the traffic, the buildings, the streets and everything you pass by. Listen to the sounds and the noise. Visit places. Taste different things. Find your favourite spot where you can relax and disconnect. Close your eyes and enjoy that you are in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

I have had the time of my life and I hope you will to!
Good luck!

lunes, noviembre 01, 2004


Hello Graham!

We are going to have a presentation about the castellers on the 10th of november.
We will also show a video!!!

Best regards
Solveig Solbraa, Lene Torgersen and Mariann Bleie