martes, octubre 05, 2004

My first web log publication!!

Hi everybody!

I hope you all have had some good days here at St.Ignasi at the beginning of the course...I think this web log system offers a great opportunity to share our experiences during our stay here in Barcelona and also to get to know eachother better!

Me and my friends began to talk about this possibility to take part in an exchange program already the first year at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management in Stavanger. We evaluated which countries that seemed to be most tempting in accordance with the program and other factors that are important while studying abroad. And we agreed on that Spain would be the best choice. Not only because of the Erasmus program but also because we got the opportunity to learn some spanish. And luckily we all ended up in Barcelona!

Before arrival all I knew about the city, the culture, the people and all other elements that makes the society work was knowledge and experiences other people told me about. Those who had been to Barcelona all encouraged me to go!They all described the city as well arranged consisting of beautiful architecture and a lively population. And I definitely agree on that!I find it really advantageous that Barcelona is such an all-round city not only for the residents but also from a tourism point of view. It consists of modern commersial areas but also nice beaches and many green and quiet parks and areas scattered around the city.

Before I left home I was told that we would come a long way in Spain with some extra patience because of the "mañana mañana" mentality. But I must say that I feel everything moves on in the same manner as home, more or less, when it comes to effectiveness. However I try not to buy groceries when I am to hungry cause the ladies behind the counter often tend to be more interested in sharing yesterdays experiences with eachother than to serve the customers...

I also got some warnings before going to Barcelona "because the city is one of the most dangerous cities in Europe when it comes to crime, especially pickpocketing, and you´ll probably get robbed at least one time" people I had my expectations but,so far, I have not experienced anything unpleasant...The most helpful thing to do, I think, is to use some common sense!

I also had some expectations before starting at St.Ignasi. I read about the university and the program at the internet and also got some information from the students who attended the course last year. They were all really satisfied and recommended it deeply! I looked forward to meet all my classmates and also to see how the school system works in Spain. I think the university is such a special and venerable building and it is funny to experience that every age level are part of the same school.

So far the first two months in Barcelona has been a successful experience and I am looking forward to the rest!

Have a nice day!!!


Blogger Graham said...

I'm glad to say that the "mañana" syndrome seems not to be a big thing in Catalonia - you find it more in other parts. Catalans tend to pride themselves on being prompt and getting things done. There are exceptions of course!


6 de octubre de 2004, 1:35  

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