martes, octubre 12, 2004

Just a travelling tip...

I dont know if this is relevant on our weblog but I just thought I wanted to give you a travel tip if you are planning to make a trip south...a few weeks ago I went to Alicante and Benidorm to meet my parents and my sister. :) I travelled by train to Alicante and by bus back to Barcelona. I will recommend you to go by train-it is more comfortable and just a little more expensive than bus. It took me 5 hours to get to Alicante and almost 8 hours to get back to Barcelona!You can buy tickets either at Barcelona Sants or at Estacio d'Autobuses Barcelona Norte. I first went to Alicante and then jumped on a bus towards Benidorm. (To get to the busstation you have to walk for approximately 10 minutes). I must say that Barcelona is beautiful compared with Alicante and when I arrived in Benidorm I completely understood what people had told me about the city-it is built for tourism!We also went on a trip to a small village called Guadalest situated near Benidorm. A very cosy place for a day's journey!
Well, just a small travelling tip from me!
Have a nice day!! ;)