viernes, octubre 22, 2004

¿Catalan or Spanish?

I have now interviewed some people I met about their national feelings. The first person I talked to was the fruit and vegetable seller close to where I live. He is about 40 years old and he is originally from Indien but he has been living in Barcelona for about 15 years. He thought that it was an interesting question but he could not answer whether he felt most catalan or most spanish because he said that he is strongly bounded to his roots. However he said that he notices the "patriotism" in Catalonia and the desire among some of the people to become an independent part of Spain. And that they demand more autonomy. He also said that he thinks that the feelings for Catalonia is so strong because of the oppression of the Catalan identity during the dictatorship of Franco.

The other persons I talked to was a couple I met on the street. They were both around 60 years old. The man was from Barcelona and the woman was from France and they both felt really Catalan! They had been living in Sevilla several years but had now moved to Barcelona. They said that they felt proud of living in a part of Spain that are different when it comes to culture, traditions and language. It was interesting to hear her opinion because she was a foreigner but she said that she felt Catalan and one of the reasons might be that the Catalan language has a lot in common with the language they speak in the southern part of France. None of them thought that Catalonia would gain that much if they became an independent part of Spain.

The last person I talked to was a 17 years old girl I met in a coffeebar. She said that she felt most Catalan because she was brought up in that manner. She also told me that her parents felt strongly Catalan and her opinion was that most of the elderly people do. She said that the differences are bigger among younger people because they get more impressions from other youths around the country and also adopts new habits and customs. She could not tell me much about whether Catalonia should be an independent state or not because she had not thought about it.